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T1 Internet Provider Service for Business Bandwidth

Businesses may need T1 Internet bandwidth depending on their requirements. The following paragraphs explains how it works.

  Almost every one of us is aware of the traditional Internet cable service (DSL) that is provided by the phone company, but there are severe problems with concerns related to the data transfer rate. With the World progressing every day, we need something concrete regarding reliability and speed. This rational concern has given rise to another quality of internet cable, called the T1 Internet line.

This high-speed fiber optic cable tends to transfer 1.544 megabits per second which are sixty times more than the regular internet cable.

Apart from internet usage, you could also use a T1 line for telephones. All you have to do is to plug it into your home’s or office’s phone system.

T1 Internet Provider Service Costs

Even though the T1 internet cost might be pricier than other mainstream options in the market and that is what stops most of the potential customers from going for this options, but let’s not consider a single factor only.

Businesses think it as an investment since the long-term benefits are quite rewarding, and that is what a company wants.

Even if they have to spend a few thousand dollars initially, the installation of a T1 internet facility might return them thrice of what they had spent on the internet.

The installation is not that complicated and is relatively simple. The end of the transmission line connects to the office’s network router or phone system, and the other end connects directly to the web server.

So the monthly rent and costs are calculated based on the fee of Phone Company and ISP charges since both are explicitly involved in each transmission.

Let us have a surface talk about its primary competitor – DSL, where the speed gets divided with each user.

However, that is not the case with a T1 provider service where the required speed, 1.544 megabits per second, is dedicated to the line.

Since the system entertains simultaneous browsing, you always get this essential speed without any disruption or sharing.

Developed by AT&T, the T1 internet provider service works best to transmit an array of phone calls and enables speedy browsing simultaneously without causing any strain on the provider line.

Businesses cannot just hop in and start using any Internet service that they find dominant.

They need to determine their goals and demands and then chose the provider accordingly. The uptime, reliability and stable bandwidth are three of the significant advantages why most businesses choose this option. 

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