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The high-speed Internet service for business is just another important and useful resource that your business can use to get ahead and save money, time, and energy. You can treat the internet as an ultra-efficient secretary.

It schedules everything in your day and can send the calendar straight to your phone.

The broadband that comes with a business internet service is capable of filing all of your company’s data and retrieving them in seconds.

The internet can send out memos and emails to all your employees simultaneously. It can even order lunch.

Most importantly, though, the internet allows your business to make money by connecting you to customers and by keeping the lines of communication open and efficient.

No matter where you are in the developed world, you can run a business just by using the internet, or by using it as an essential tool for whatever products and services your large company might provide.

How Can High-Speed Internet Save You Money?

There are several ways that the internet can save you money.

For one, buying supplies for your company online will save you money.

If you have switched over to a paperless company, then you have replaced all your paper with electronic copies, saving you hundreds of dollars in the paper every month.

If you have not switched over to paperless, then buying your printer paper over the internet will still save you money.

Purchase everything from ink to company cars through your website can save your company big bucks: this is because the companies you buy from don’t have to use a middleman or store to sell their products to you. They can merely ship them directly to customers like you.

Marketing your company online is also cheaper than marketing offline.

Put money into websites and blogs that will be across the whole internet, instead of paying for billboards and signs that will only be seen by the people who drive by.

While many businesses used to invest a lot of money in print advertising, that notion is shifting. Now, more companies are spending more of their marketing budgets to online marketing strategies like social media network accounts, pay-per-click ads, big websites, blogs, and more.

If you travel for your company, try paying for your plane tickets, hotel rooms, and rental cars online. It will save you thousands of dollars a year.

The average person saves $1500 a year through online purchases for travel; think how much more your company could save.

Save money on your phone line by switching to VoIP. VoIP stands for Voice-over-Internet Protocol. What it does is take analog audio signals and turn them into digital data to send over the Internet. Just talk into your computer, and it immediately makes it possible to be sent over the Internet.

To completely bypass phone companies, so you only pay a single fee for high-speed internet and phone service to anywhere in the world. You could potentially save almost $500 a year by using VoIP for your phone system, and it is only possible through broadband for business. Also, it might seem like a small thing, but instead of buying newspapers you should read them online. You can save you up to $350 annually: this is only a small selection of the savings you could have if your company switched over to high-speed business service.

When you run a business where every second count, a faster connection can not only help make you a lot more money, but it can also help you save a whole lot, too.

A single person has the potential to save 7600 dollars a year with a high-speed service; you could triple that or more with your big business.

Cost of Slow Internet

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How Slow Internet Can Cost Your Company Money

On the opposite end, your company will lose money with a slow Internet connection. Waiting for the internet to load wastes time, and as a businessperson you likely already know that wasted time is losing money. If it takes ages to send files between computers or to send emails with large attachments, then you are spending even more time and money.

Slow loading time is one of the main reasons why good businesses lose steam and money. If your connection is sluggish, your company will be inactive, too. If you can’t rely on your web, then you stop trying to cut costs and instead you focus on doing things faster, which can be more expensive offline. You will also have to pay for a separate phone line, which can be costly for a large business.

The bottom line is that slow Internet has nothing to offer your company. With it, you lose money, and it might as well be like having no internet at all. It is frustrating and causes stress.

Nothing good comes out of having a business service that can’t keep up with the demands of your company. Do not let this happen to your company. Start shopping for business internet providers in your area that can equip your business with the lightning fast internet it needs to succeed.

The cost of having a corporate broadband network is small compared to the time and money you are guaranteed to save by switching to a high-speed system, such as a T1 Internet.

If your business has experienced significant growth in the past few years, consider an upgrade to perhaps an OC3 network, which is what most universities runoff. With a system like this, you could save even more money on travel by commuting wirelessly. These types of large high-speed networks can transmit real-time video feed that will not lag or slow down your system. In other words, it will not slow down your company, which should always be gaining momentum..


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