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T1 Line Internet Connection Cost


T1 Line Connection Prices for Full T1, Fractional T1 and Voice T1.

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T1 line Internet connection cost and high-speed Internet cost in real-time without obligation. T1 connection from dedicated service providers for business Internet.

Compare the price of fractional, voice, full, and dedicated t1 lines. T1 lines for users of all types require a fast connection paired with ultimate reliability.

The cost of a t1 line is an essential part of selecting the right t1 service provider for business Internet.

It was during the 90s that companies started competing for this type of service when the t1 price began falling to a more reasonable position.

Despite the significantly increased popularity and decreased price, many potential users remain unaware of the technology.

The following section will outline the various types of business Internet t1 services connection along with their benefits.

If the user is looking for VoIP phone access, multiple telephone lines, and the best High-Speed business Internet service or data communications they should get familiar with T1.

It depends on which service connection model you choose. Four types of t1 connections are described below:

Full T1

The most common kind of connection that provides an Internet service connection capable of a reliable 1.5Mb/Sec.

These connections are not just for high-speed Internet service; they are capable of carrying telephone and (VOIP) Voice over IP connections as well.

While the cost may seem high compared to options like DSL and cable, the speed and reliability easily justify the extra price.

Depending on your location, the cost of a dedicated High-Speed business t1 line Internet service can change dramatically.

Urban centers have plenty of service providers to choose from.

This increased competition and infrastructure will help you to compare prices and lower the cost of the service.

Fractional T1

A fractional connection is just what it sounds like, a fraction, or piece of a T1. A standard connection has 24 channels allowing speeds of 1.5M.b./Sec.

A fractional line may have for example 12 channels which would provide half the rate at a lower cost.

However, the price has become competitive enough in the past few years that a fractional t1 service is generally not worthwhile when compared to the amount of a full high-speed service.

A fractional service provider will only allow a small portion of the average speed but compared to the total price of t1 will save between five and fifteen percent.

Voice T1

Voice services are widely used in call centers and businesses where many phone lines are required.

The cost for this purpose is much more effective than the equivalent amount of standard telephone lines would be.

Integrated Business T1 Line Internet

An integrated high-speed Internet service connection provider is one of the most commonly used connections for small businesses.

The t1 line pricing, in this case, would include local calling, long-distance calling, and the internet all in a single bill.

Using a single fiber for all these services can significantly reduce the overall cost.

Just like a fractional service, an integrated connection is a portion of the total channels.

The price of fractionally integrated lines may include four phone lines a 512k bandwidth connection and 100 long-distance minutes per phone line.

There is no doubt that the cost of dedicated service providers, regardless of configuration can seem reasonably high.

However, the reliability and consistently high speeds provided for a business Internet service more than justify the costs.

The right t1 service will depend mainly on the size of your business and its particular needs.

Reasons to Choose A Dedicated T1

Our business Internet service connection quote form will provide nearly all the comparison costs with a wide selection of dedicated service providers.

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We will guide you through the whole process in a friendly efficient way.

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History of T1 Lines

The first T1 lines to arrive in the market consisted of the use of two twisted pairs of copper wires to successfully receive and transmit either voice or data traffic. This is one of the early forms of data connectivity available in the market and was initially developed by the Bell system in order to make internet connections accessible to various businesses.

The next innovation to occur in this sphere of communication involved the creation of integrated T1 lines. An integrated T1 line could carry both data and voice traffic simultaneously. This is seen as a big breakthrough as some businesses preferred consolidating both the data and voice services under a single provider.

The convenience of carrying both voice and data traffic in the same line came at a cost though. It’s observed that there was a drop-off in the overall speeds achieved by the T1 line. The drop-off in speed is not the same as it was in the days the T1 line first offered this service. Still, there is a noticeable drop in speed when all users are exchanging voice traffic instead of just data.

Modern T1 Lines

A modern t1 internet service connection features the use of fiber optic internet lines. These lines can carry data at a considerable speed of 192,000 bits per second. This amounts to 1.44 megabits of data transfer every second. Based on this capability, it's proven that the T1 line is capable of carrying data 60% faster than your average home modem.

Additionally, it is also possible to split a single T1 line into 24 distinct channels that are used for both voice and data transfer. Each of the channels will have a maximum speed capacity of 64 kilobytes every second, and 23 of these various channels can conduct 23 voice calls simultaneously. The 24th channel is reserved for important signaling functions such as providing caller ID. This makes the T1 line a priceless option for small businesses. It can also be considered a valid option for home users who require multiple channels.

Although there are 24 channels that are available to a single T1 user, there is a catch to using all channels concurrently. It is seen that the overall data speed of the connection can be reduced when most of the channels are utilized for voice. When all 24 channels are set for data traffic, however, there is no noticeable drop in speeds.

In the world of internet connectivity, the T1 line is considered a fast and efficient alternative that is also highly secure and cost-effective.

T1 Lines Vs Other Connections

There are plenty of options available currently for users seeking high-speed internet options. The T1 is 60% faster than your standard modem connection, but there are other connection types worth considering as well. An example of this would be the T3 line which is capable of conducting data transfer at the speed of 43 megabits per second.

The OC48 line is yet another option available currently for commercial users. This connection can achieve Internet speeds as high as 2.5 gigabits per second. The last option is known as the OC192 line, and this is the fastest of the lot. With the OC192 line, users can transfer data at the rate of 9.6 gigabits per second, and this is significantly faster than the T1 line.

It is, however, important to consider that every upgrade in internet speed comes at a financial cost. Users who want internet speeds faster than the T1 line will have to pay significantly higher rates than the price of using the T1 line.

T1 Internet as an Option for Small Businesses

As we have seen in the section above, the T1 line is certainly not the fastest internet line available in the market currently. However, the speeds achieved by the T1 line, coupled with the cost of the connection, makes it the ideal choice for small businesses.

The fact that the T1 line can be split into 24 different channels adds to the requirements of a small business. A business owner can easily split the connection among 24 different users and offer reliable internet connections to multiple workstations simultaneously.

There are many examples of offices and small businesses that would serve well to possess a T1 internet service connection. A classic example of this would be the use of the T1 line in claims processing centers or incoming call centers. If there are 24 employees working in these small businesses, the use of an internet connection in one workstation does not affect the speed of operation at another workstation.

It is also seen that T1 lines are extremely reliable in terms of maintaining the internet connectivity speed without drop-offs. In fact, numerous T1 service providers may even provide their customers with a 100% uptime guarantee to showcase their reliability. This is a major advantage for small businesses as it ensures that businesses will continue to operate as usual, at least with regard to their internet connections.

Thus, we see that the T1 line is a great option to consider for users in private offices, homes, and small businesses. If there are only single or dual users at home though, the T1 connection may not be the best option. The t1 line pricing for acquiring this connection is much higher than a standard cable internet service provider.

Internet Connections

It is important to understand that there are many types of internet connections available to users around the world at this point. The type of internet connection you finally opt for should come down to important factors such as a number of users, monthly internet budget, and required internet speed. If the T1 internet line falls within your maximum budget capacity, it is definitely a great option to consider..

Prices have greatly reduced in the last two or three years and further t1 line pricing and reductions can be obtained by using Ethernet services. This means you can have much greater Bandwidth for a fraction of the cost of conventional line services. We can provide pricing on Ethernet services as we have access to the entire main provider's data to see if your building is already lit. We can then connect your Ethernet service.