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T1 and DS3 Pricing From T1 Line

DS3 prices and T1 line costings from our dedicated internet service providers in 5 seconds or less.Our carriers include TW Telecom and ACC Business which is a dedicated at&t circuit. Our T1 Internet service provides a no obligation t1 or ds3 price check for all t1 line types. This gives the consumer a real-time comparison of current pricing. Our guarantee says our t1 line internet service costs will not be beaten by approaching the carrier direct. We are also not tied to any specific t1 or ds3 carrier so you will receive an unbiased display of quotes. We are also pleased to offer Business Ethernet services.  Business ethernt can be a more cost effective solution for your business. It is easy to  upgrade and simple to install.  Compare ethernet pricing from a range of carriers using our online quote form.

T1 Line pricing using our unique software which will locate the best high speed internet cost of a dedicated T1 line from a range of T1 carriers. This unique t1 internet service is not affiliated to any particular T1 or DS3 line carrier. Once you are satisfied with a price that meets your needs one of our Consultants will contact you to discuss your detailed t1 line requirements,send you an official t1 or ds3 pricing quote and order form. We provide a no obligation pricing quote and can assist you all the way. If you have particular requirements or configuration our Technical Consultants will assist you so you can make a decision that best suits your needs. If you want to discuss your immediate needs please call (888) 874-3837 quoting for a no obligation call or complete our online form.


Updated 07/28/15

T1 Line Carriers Making the Right Choice




T1 carriers at the best t1 line prices are not always as simple as it seems.  Many customers want a T1 line carrier service at the cheapest possible price.  Whilst this is understandable they often do not make the correct comparison or understand the whole life implications.  This is especially true when the system goes down and the response time is less than adequate.  Would you want your customers or potential customers to be unable to have the service they deserve?


Our existing customers know we only offer DS3 and T1 line pricing services from Tier 1 carriers.  This means you will be provided with a first class service in terms of up-time (usually 99%)and a responsive and active repair service in the fastest time possible.  These guarantees are written into the contract so you know from day one the service you will expect.  Far too often potential t1 customers try to negotiate t1 line prices with us based on an offering from a 2nd or 3rd tier carrier.  This is not comparing like with like and on this basis we will not compete.  If you want the cheapest T1 service and the likely unreliability that goes with it then that is your choice.  One downside you will notice is that you are sharing bandwidth with other customers and at peak times your service will slow down.  Our services are dedicated and that means dedicated to you and nobody else.



Some questions you may want to ask 2nd or 3rd tier carriers are:-Some questions you may want to ask 2nd or 3rd tier carriers are:-


1.            Can you guarantee 99% up-time?

2.            Can you guarantee minimum downtime and response rates

3.            Are all charges included in the MRC (Monthly Recurring Charge)

4.            What are the penalties for terminating the contract early

5.            Ask all the questions that are particular to your situation.




The most important thing is to get everything in writing before you sign a contract and don’t rely on the sales representative sales pitch.


What makes us different is we give it to you straight.  A t1 circuit can be a large financial commitment and we want to get it right for you.  We will tailor a T1 line price to your specific requirements.  You may want VOIP, Point to Point, DS3 or any combination.  We can help with equipment as well as the T1 carrier as we have a network of VAR’s (Value Added Resellers) who can help with all the technical details or equipment.


We want the customer to be satisfied in every respect.  Our Product Specialists will help our potential and existing customers all the way.  We don’t just sell you a T1 circuit and leave you.  You can contact us any time and we are always there to help you.


Our existing t1 customers give us repeat business and renew their contracts at the end of their chosen term.  This speaks for itself so we must be doing it right.  If any potential t1 customer wants references from some of our existing clients we can provide this too.

To sum up ask the right questions and get the answers in writing.  Compare like with like and ask what service is provided with a tier 1 carrier compared with a second or third tier carrier?  Ask us anything you like we are not just here to make a t1 sale.


In addition we have had many awards from the tier 1 carriers for the business and relationship we have with them.  Relationships are important as we have access to all the managers and can solve or prevent problems as they rise.  This is good news for you as it demonstrates we can provide through our carriers the best high speed internet services.  It also means we can negotiate the best prices on your behalf.  Why not try us now it costs you nothing and there is no obligation.

Cost of a Dedicated T1 Line and T1 Line Prices

Written by: Les Harper - 28 July, 2015


T1 Line Basics

T1 lines have become the go-to solution for users of all types requiring a fast connection paired with ultimate reliability. The cost of a T1 line is an essential part of selecting the right t1 carrier along with t1 line pricing. Any business user looking for VoIP phone access, multiple telephone lines, and best High Speed Internet or data communications should get familiar with T1 lines. This is not new technology. It began has been around for almost 20 years but didn’t gain popularity until the late 90’s. It’s at that point that companies started competing for this type of customers and the price began falling to a more reasonable point. Despite the greatly increased popularity and decreased price, many potential users remain unaware of the technology. The following section will outline various type of service connections along with their benefits. The price will depend on which type you choose. Four types of connection are explained including Full T1 line, Fractional T1 line, Voice, and Integrated T1 lines.

T1 Line (Full)

This is the most common kind of connection and provides a T1 Internet service connection capable of a reliable 1.5Mb/Sec. These connections are not restricted to Internet duties; they are capable of carrying telephone and Voice Over IP connections as well. While T1 pricing may seem high compared to options like DSL and cable, the speed and reliability easily justify it in many cases. Depending on your location, the cost of a dedicated High Speed Internet line service can change dramatically. Urban centres should have plenty of providers to choose from. This increased competition and infrastructure helps you to compare prices and lower the cost of this service.

Fractional T1 Line

A fractional connection is just what it sounds like, a fraction, or piece of a T1 line. A standard connection has 24 channels allowing speeds of 1.5Mb/Sec. A fractional line may have for example 12 channels which would provide half the speed at a lower cost than T1. However, the cost has become competitive enough in the past few years that a fractional service is generally not worthwhile when compared to the price of a full service. A fractional service will only allow a small portion of the normal speed but compared to the full price of T1 will only save between five and fifteen percent.

Voice T1

Voice services are very widely used in call centres and businesses where many phone lines are required. The cost for this purpose is much more cost effective than the equivalent amount of standard telephone lines would be. Integrated Service

This is one of the most commonly used connections for smaller businesses. The price in this case would include local calling, long-distance calling, and internet all in a single bill. Using a single fibre for all of these services can greatly reduce the overall price for T1. Just like a fractional service, an integrated connection can be sold as a portion of the total channels. The price of fractional integrated lines may include 4 phone lines a 512k bandwidth connection and 100 long distance minutes per phone line.

There is no doubt that the cost of a dedicated line, regardless of configuration can seem fairly high. However, the reliability and consistently high speeds provided more than justify the costs. The right configuration will depend largely on the size of your business and its particular needs.

Our service will provide nearly all the line cost comparison with a wide selection of carriers. We work with the carriers to reduce costs and we call this bulk so the prices can be kept low. This has obvious advantages for potential customers. We will deal with all your questions efficiently and in a timely manner. There is no obligation to accept our prices,but hope you will be satisfied with our service. We can also provide independent references from some of our satisfied clients

Our technical consultants are here to work with you to find the most cost effective t1 line solution for your business. We will guide you through the whole process in a friendly efficient way. Sometimes if you have particular requirements we will have to discuss with the carriers to find an optomised solution. This may cause a slight delay in receiving your quotes although we aim to deliver the results in the quickest possible time.

Our technical consultants are some of the best in the telecommunicationss business and no matter what your queries are they will find the answer.

We also can provide other services such as EOC (Ethernet over Copper and Cloud services. So whatever you want in the Telecoms world we can assist.